Pope Francis

BLOG: The Joy of the Gospel

At first, when people asked me to suggest something for Lenten reading this year, it seemed glib to suggest a slow reading of “The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation released on the feast of Christ the King last fall.  But the more I have been re-reading it myself, the more I think…


BLOG: Drama at the Abbey

Dramatic and musical productions have always been part of the Subiaco scene, following the Benedictine tradition.  Until 1911 these productions were performed in a large room in the Main Building called “the theater hall.” In 1911 a new auditorium seating 400 people, was built of wood.  It was dedicated in October, 1911 with proper ceremonies…

Mount Everest

BLOG: Gimme a Shot of Comfort

Q:  In your last post, you talked about mankind’s natural desire for the comfort of what is eternal. I think that mankind is scared of the fact that this life is all there is, and they have concocted the idea of God and eternal life to provide them with comfort so they won’t have to…


NEWS: A Re-Discovery

Dwain Hebda, Assistant Editor of the Arkansas Catholic, recently wrote an excellent article “Subiaco Abbey monks unearth history they thought lost.” This article about Subiaco’s beginnings has now been posted on the web and includes photos from the Abbey archives. Click HERE to read the article and view the photos.


BLOG: Invictus

The word “invictus” is Latin for “unconquerable.”  For believers, invictus is both an integral part of our Christian spiritual life and growth, while at the same time invictus may be readily applied to the Season of Lent; that of an unconquerable spirit.  The first letter of St. Peter describes this unconquerable spirit as “…a new birth to a living…