Fr. Hugh

Fr. Hugh and the Fifth Introductory Archives Workshop

Fr. Hugh attended the Fifth Introductory Archives Workshop for Religious Communities, June 24-29 at the Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio, Texas.  He shared this report: This was a very helpful program for 32 archivists of religious communities from several states from Texas to New York.  It was conducted by the archivists for the Claretian…

Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf, OSB

Who Would Have Thought?

This past weekend as our Academy celebrated 125 years and held our graduation ceremonies, one can’t help but wonder what our Founder might have thought of what we have become as an Abbey. Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf was the leader of the three monks from St. Meinrad’s Abbey in Indiana, who founded St. Benedict’s Priory, now…


The Novena to the Holy Spirit

Millions of Catholics throughout the world will begin tomorrow the praying of the most ancient novena of our faith. For nine days, between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost, Catholics for centuries have prayed this great prayer for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. These gifts—Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord—were…


Holy Triduum at the Abbey

There is a word that is used [Triduum] in Catholic circles that can be quite confusing. One of our candidates here at the Abbey said he had never heard of it, whilst another said he had heard if it but didn’t know how to say it. The word is pronounced Trid-u-um or Tri-duum [which a…

Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf, OSB


The archivist of our Abbey, Fr. Hugh Assenmacher, provided us the following noteworthy item: On March 6, 1878, Ash Wednesday, three monks: Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf (our founder pictured to the left), Br. Kaspar Hildesheim and Br. Hilarin Benetz, left St. Meinrad’s Abbey in southern Indiana to start a new Benedictine monastery in Logan County, Arkansas….